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The Story of English (1986) - DVD - Robert MacNeil

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 9 episodes on 3 DVD's


A work of profound scholarship and powerful 
storytelling from host Robert MacNeil, this classic nine-part PBS 
series remains one of the great narratives of linguistic 

Steeped in history, geography, sociology, and 
political drama, The Story of English has little to do with 
dictionaries, official documents, or highbrow literature. 
It is a tale of language used for immediate needs, in street talk, 
popular entertainment, war, and trade and it covers more than 
a millennium of civilizations ebb and flow. 
Vividly capturing a sense of global dynamics, the series travels to 16 
countries and across 5 continents as it follows the evolutionary 
path of the first worldwide language. 
9-part series, 55 minutes each. 

Ep 1 - An English Speaking World 
Ep 2 - The Mother Tongue 
Ep 3 - A Muse of Fire 
Ep 4 - The Guid Scots Tongue 
Ep 5 - Black on White 
Ep 6 - "Pioneers O! Pioneers" 
Ep 7 - The Muvver Tongue 
Ep 8 - The Loaded Weapon 
Ep 9 - Next Years Words: A Look Into The Future

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