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Seven Little Australians (1973) - DVD - Leonard Teale

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Seven Little Australians (1973) - DVD

3 disc
Based on Ethel Turner's classic children's novel, this award-winning miniseries is about a family of seven children set in 1880s Australia. The father of this lively brood is the dashing Captain John Woolcot, and he would like to run his household with army discipline, but is no match for his seven mischievous and fun-loving children.
This is the full 10 episode, utterly complete series .
 S1, Ep1
1973 Fowl for Dinner
Captain Woolcot is embarrassed by the antics of his seven mischievous children: Meg, Pip, Judy, Nell, Bunty, Baby and "The General" when they interrupt a dinner given for the Captain's new Commanding Officer.
 S1, Ep2
1973 What Are Fathers for Anyway?
While on an errand to make up for the disastrous dinner party, Pip and Judy take a detour to a carnival.
 S1, Ep3
1973 Consequences
Judy has been sent to boarding school at Mount Victoria, but is determined to return home.
 S1, Ep4
1973 All for the Worst
Bunty is plagued by the lies he tells, Meg makes efforts to be "grown up" and Judy makes a torturous trip home.
 S1, Ep5
1973 Secrets
Judy arrives home, worn out and ill, but makes the other children promise not to let Esther or the Captain know, for fear of being sent back to school.
 S1, Ep6
1973 Tomorrow Do Thy Worst
Judy is still ill and the children try to take care of her, however the Captain's suspicions are aroused.
 S1, Ep7
1973 Into the Sun
The Doctor decides that Judy must recuperate in a warmer climate, but she is unwilling to be parted from the others. An invitation for the family to visit Esther's parents at their at their country property, Yarrahappini, is accepted as a solution.
 S1, Ep8
1973 Yarrahappini
While the Captain spends a lonely time at Misrule, his family enjoy their country holiday. Meg begins to fall in love with the property manager, Dick Gillet, but is disillusioned when she discovers he is an alcoholic.
 S1, Ep9
1973 The Picnic
On the last day of their holiday at Yarrahappini, Esther accompanies her father to a ball and the children go off for a picnic, which comes to a sad end.
 S1, Ep10
1973 Going Home
Life goes on for the family at Misrule.
Elizabeth Alexander  Mark Clarke  Jennifer Cluff  Ruth Cracknell  Tania Falla  Frank Gallacher  Anne Haddy  Anna Hruby  Barbara Llewellyn  Brendon Lunney  Christian Robinson  June Salter  Mark Shields-Brown  Leonard Teale  Jenee Welsh 
Ron Way 
The 3rd disc contains some extras relating to Ethel Turner & "Seven Little Australians".

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