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The Lost Islands (1976) - Complete TV Series - DVD - Jane Vallis

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The Lost Islands (1976) - Complete TV Series - DVD

Australia - produced by the 0 - 10 network.
A hurricane nearly sinks the "United World", a ship holding 40 teenagers from all around the world. 35 flee the ship on time - 5 are left behind, and end up on 2 islands unknown to the outside world, inhabited by people who got there under similar circumstances 200 years ago. The islands are ruled by a supposedly 200 year old immortal tyrant called "The Q", .....
26 episodes.
runtime - 650 mins 
Jane Vallis ... Anna 
  Robert Edgington ... David 
  Amanda Ma ... Su Ying 
  Chris Benaud ... Mark 
  Margaret Nelson ... Helen Margaret Quinn 
  Rodney Bell ... Aaron James Quinn 
  Ric Hutton ... Prime minister Rufus Quad 
  Ron Blanchard ... Quell 
  Willie Fennell ... Jeremiah Quizzle 
  Michael Howard ... Quig 
  Tony Hughes ... Tony 

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