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Voyager Spacecraft documentary - DVD
The Voyager program is an American scientific program that launched two unmanned space missions, the probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. These were launched in 1977 to take advantage of a favorable alignment of the planets during the late 1970s. Although they were designated officially to study just the planetary systems of Jupiter and Saturn, the space probes were able to continue their mission.
On August 25, 2012 Voyager 1 became the first human-made object to enter the previously unexplored region of space known as interstellar space, traveling "further than anyone, or anything, in history".Voyager 2 is expected to enter interstellar space within a few years of 2016, and its plasma spectrometer should provide the first direct measurements of the density and temperature of the interstellar plasma.
As of 2013, Voyager 1 was moving with a relative velocity to the Sun of 17 kilometres per second (11 mi/s). The amount of power available to the probe has decreased over time, and will be no longer able to power any single instrument by 2025.
This 2 disc set contains 5 documentaries on this subject, total runtime approx 3.5 hours.

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